DJ LexxMontanah

Welcome to the world of a young man who goes by the name “Dj Lexx Montanah”.  Popularly known as the SuperstarDj because of how he carries himself and for his taste and way of entertaining people in clubs and events all over. He is arguably the most passionate and Gifted Dj I have ever met locally with an exceptionally unmatched taste in good music.


He is regarded as a mentor to some up and coming Djs whom he has taught the dj’ing craft, he chooses to remain silent for its a personal mission that he holds dear.

He loves to play PlayStation during his free time, chill with friends and talk about random stuff.

He appreciates the fact that he isn’t allergic to any food though not a fan of matoke.  Lexx Montanah attends the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) for Spiritual nourishment and enrichment and also to interact with other believers.


Dj Lexx Montanah was born in Nairobi in 1992 and from an early age his mother exposed him to music as a lifestyle, he used to listen to the likes E-sir, Nameless and Sisqo and more. By the time he joined high school at Kahuho Uhuru he signed up with the music club as a result. Lexx went ahead and represented his school at the provincial level in the music festivals.

After completing high school, Lexx passed his secondary examinations looking forward to joining university. But since he is from a single parent and his mother couldn’t afford paying school fees for him and 2 of his brothers, Lexx decided to use his passion in music and make ends meet by working on his dream of Dj’ing.

In 2011 right after high school Lexx used to sell books for primary boarding schools for students during the visiting days in most schools but because his employer had unfavorable terms he had to quit and look for another alternative way of acquiring income and saving it for his Dj’ing school fees.

He later got a job at Tamasha Hurlingham as a glass cleaner/washer where he reported on Friday and left on Monday whereby he earned sh 800. He did that for a couple of months until he had enough funds to pay one of his friends who had a Dj’ing machine and teach him the basics of Dj’ing.

He later attended a Dj’ing school and gained more skills in the craft. Lexx first opportunity to show his art in Dj’ing was when he started playing as a resident Dj at Club Veranda located along Tom Mboya Street. He then was informed of auditions at Club Tamasha and since Lexx embraces challenges he decided to give it a go on the auditions.

Despite battling fierce competition, he won and went on to be the official resident Dj for the Buffet Park ltd where he was Dj’ing at Tamasha Hurlingham, Tamasha Nairobi West and Tamasha Thika. This exposed him to every kind of music crowd in his work during the period he was Dj’ing with Tamasha.

In 2013 he undertook his biggest event as a Dj, this was later on which was the Henry Wanyoike/Safaricom future for hope run which was held in Kikuyu town, Kiambu County. He entertained more than 1500 people which served as a very big plus and motivation to his young career as a Dj.

Later on that year Lexx Montanah decided it was time to seek new challenges in his Dj career since he had amassed experience and exposure that would enable him handle any crowd. So he parted ways with Buffet Park Ltd on good terms.

This electrifying performer always keeps the crowd going. Commonly referred to many as the Superstar DJ due to his skill and artistry on the decks. Countless times have fellow Djs refused to play after his sessions because of how he blends his music and his interaction with the crowd.

Lexx comes from my first name Alex, Montanah means someone who is always on the grind.  As very hardworking person, one who takes his work seriously and with my kind of background am trying to run away poverty as fast as possible which is not a good thing, and also trying to secure a better future and life for my kids and wife eventually.


Ladies and Gentlemen that is Lexx Montanah, passionate about Dj’ing and music next time you have plans for a show be it radio, TV, club, high school, campus road shows etc. I will be more than happy to show up and make it memorable

On 2014 and on his venture for new challenges, Lexx Montanah has landed some pretty good deals as he has been hosted on Kenya’s number one music Tv station (Kiss Tv) a couple of times and also on Qfm. He has also done numerous newspaper interviews in leading newspapers in Kenya like The Standard, People’s Daily

Lexx Montanah has been able to Dj at major events especially 2014 in random clubs in and out of Nairobi such as Gskyye lounge in Westland’s, Capital bar and lounge in Juja town, Club Asylum, Club Vault along Baricho road among many other clubs. One of the memorable events he ever did in 2014 was the InstaParty held at Gskyee which has received so much positive reviews from fans all over.


In 2015 Lexx Montanah is set on to push his own t-shirt, branding apparel called

#I_USED_TO_SLEEP_AT_NIGHT  which is doing very well out there.


He has also teamed up with 2 other Djs namely (Dj Dream & CNG the Dj) to form a movement i.e. The RAVELUTION with the main objective of conquering the whole of Kenya and in the long term East Africa& the whole of Africa in terms of Dj’ing. The movement has already taken place at two counties already namely Nairobi at Gskyee lounge and Nakuru at 64 Lounge

Lexx has also been signed to an Entertainment and Events Dj company called Spincycle limited headed by one of Kenya’s leading Dj’s. Kaytrixx the Entertainer who is the C.E.O. Through Spincycle Lexx has become a regular dj on tv in 2015 i.e. KTN on the Str8up show which airs on Saturdays and also Homeboyz radio on the Hangover 2.0 show which comes on Sundays from     3-5pm.


Lexx Montanah was also nominated as “DVJ OF THE YEAR” at the Annual Stylus Dj Awards due to him playing on the weekly show “STR8UP” which airs every Saturday on KTN


Lexx plans to grow his brand and become a household name in the entertainment scene that is locally and in the near future expand his horizons and become global name.

Lexx plans to also start a weekly mixtape series which shall be uploaded on to various available platforms for his fanbase to enjoy.

Plans are underway to get more weekly gigs, so far he plays at Club Edge along Moi Avenue every Thursday and at Rafikiz Lounge every Sundays from 6pm till dawn.

In line with growing his brand, Lexx has started plans to start a countrywide tour in conjunction with Spincycle Ltd dubbed “The Spincycle Experience Tour” which he plans to do all over Kenya.

Some of the clubs he has worked with include

  • Bacchus lounge Westlands,
  • Ladidia lounge,             Ongata Rongai
  • Cubano lounge Ongata Rongai
  • Club Edge Rongai
  • Betty’S             Nairobi
  • 500 degreess Thika
  • Juja Capital Centre Juja
  • Carnivore Simba Saloon Nairobi



In 2015 Lexx has also headlined events featuring international artists like Starboy’s LAX, Mr. Roberto from Zambia Dj Seani B from the U.K -Some of the local artistes he has worked with include Octopizzo, Khaligraph jones, Kaka Sungura , Prezzo, Victoria Kimani among others. He has also been nominated as the VDJ of the year at the stylus awards that happens annually.

  • Club Tamasha Nairobi
  • Club Asylum Nairobi
  • G-skyee Lounge Westlands
  • 64 Lounge Nakuru
  • i-Club Nyeri
  • Skyluxx Lounge, Westlands
  • Club Ignition, Westlands
  • The Bench Lounge, Ongata Rongai
  • Club Blend meru
  • and many more…